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The EMG 81 is a popular active humbucker guitar pickup manufactured by EMG, Inc.It is usually considered a lead pickup for use in the bridge position, paired with EMG's 85 as a rhythm pickup in neck

position (Zakk Wylde is famous for this configuration). It's not uncommon, however, to see a guitar with two EMG 81s in both bridge and neck positions (for instance, Kirk Hammett's EMG-KH21 pickup AZ Oval C S-TECH WOOD Roasted Maple neck. S-TECH special roasted treatment increases the wood's stability, durability, water resistance and tolerance of temperature changes. Development. My recommended power transformers are the Hammond 270AX for the US and Hammond 370AX

(available here) for international builders (has 100, 110, 120, 200, 220 and 240 volt primaries, see this for wiring instructions). They have 240-0-240V high voltage secondary output and 6.3V heater output. If you use solid state rectification you may need to add a 2 watt voltage

dropping resistor Moderate is 41% more feedback than Light. Heavy is 2.8 times more feedback than Light. If your output transformer has multiple outputs and a speaker impedance switch connect the NFB wire to the 8 ohm output on the transformer side of the

impedance switch. That way your amp will always get the correct amount of NFB no matter what impedance speaker you are running. I’m afraid my English is pretty bad but hopefully you’ll get the idea. For this clip I’m using Fender CS 69 pickups > green Sovtek Big Muff > Boss BD-2 (modified) > Boss GE-7 > Boss DD-2 …

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